Kodi Box Australia – Are they Legal?

It has been a bit of a grey area over the last few years when it comes to streaming content on any device however the Kodi box in particular has been targeted as something that can be used for illegal streaming. Now this is quite ignorant and shows very little knowledge of technology in general. A kodi box which is really just a TV box with the android operating system on it is just an android computer and runs on the same versions of androids are your mobile phone or your tablet but your phone or tablet are not deemed to be in any way illegal even though they are the exact same functioning operating system on the device.

If you look for a kodi box in Australia you will see many of suppliers have a disclaimer on their website which is of course a wise thing to do. But then should sellers of android phones and tablets be equally as reposnsible..the same with laptop suppliers? All these devices are capable of streaming content both legally and illegally and the kodi box is no different. Here is a good article on the legality of Kodi that is worth a read as it covers quite a lot of grey areas of the software.

It is important to note that these devices have a huge range of uses including the use of Netflix which is of course a paid legal subscription service, Youtube which plays free content as well as social media and music apps. Kodi is just one app on these devices that can be used and it has put a blemish on these TV boxes for everyone because of it.



We are giving away a men’s watch in return for restaurant reviews

We apologize as it has been a while since we have published a new review as we have all been extremely busy as of late and as this is a blog of passion we had to put it off until we were all free. For this post we have teamed up with a new website over at mens watches who sell a huge range of curren men’s watches in Ireland. They have given us one of their best selling watches to use a prize to give to you one of our readers as we have having a competition to encourage our readers to send in restaurant reviews from around the country. Men’s watches have come back in fashion again after falling out of favour in the mid 2000s so the best of luck to them with their new venture. To send us a review and therefore enter the competition you can go to our contact us page and fill out the form there.

A lot of our reviews have been very Dublin focused so we would like to add more reviews from smaller country towns and also cities like Galway, Sligo and Limerick where we at the moment have no reviews from. There are often hidden gems in some of these small towns that only the locals really know of so we are on a mission to bring these to our readers and help get them the recognition they deserve as well as bringing more business to local restaurants.


Boojum are giving away free Burritos and an Android TV Box

Boojum are giving away free Burritos and an Android TV Box

For those of you who do not know Boojum are a burrito business that stared out in Belfast and have quickly spread around the country gaining a great reputation from word of mouth. They specialise in one thing and that is why they are so good at it. Burritos have taken off in the last 2 – 3 years in Dublin and it is largely down to the success of Boojum. They provide a healthy and filling snack and you can get a burrito in under 2 minutes made to your liking right in front of you. It is also very cheap. A full burrito with chicken or beef, black beans, rice, lettuce, cheese and any sauce of your choosing costs just €7.00 and it is enough to fill you up for the evening.

There are other burrito bars popping up all over Dublin with strong competition from Tolteca and several independent burrito places are found all over the city. Boojum continue to lead the way however and are opening a new store in Dublin’s busy baggot street. To celebrate this launch they are doing free burritos all day on June 9th (today!). We expect ques will be out there door so I would get their early if you would like a burrito. There is also a Tolteca right across the road who have been doing double fillings for an extra €1.00 probably because they knew Boojum were about to launch this week also.

They are also giving away an android TV box to mark their grand opening. To enter you can go to their website. An android TV box is basically like an android version of the Apple TV and is a cool device so no harm to try and enter. You can read more about them from the guys they teamed up with over at www.androidtvboxes.ie/. Don’t forget about the free burritos today either!