Should your restaurant using an Zgemma or Android TV Box?

There has been much debate over the years over whether your restaurant should have live music, background music, TV’s on or just keep it nice and quiet. Obviously your target market and the type of restaurant you are running as well as the clientele you would like to attract matter. Should you want to have TV you will usually have to pay for a  commercial license which can be over €6,000 per year and this puts many restaurants off this in a bid to cut costs in an already competitive environment.

There are alternatives to this however and by getting a Zgemma TV box you can get freesat TV channels for your establishment. The Zgemma H2H box will allow you to receive free TV channels as it gets free to air channels and it is absolutely legal. What you need for this to work is a satellite dish and then of course one of the Zgemma boxes. Now if you do not have a satellite dish or are not allowed erect one then the other option is to get android TV box which will also allow you to get TV channels and all you need is a fast WIFI connection for this to work. So one of these solutions should get you going for very cheap and might help attract more customers to your restaurant.

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