How Teeth Whitening Strips Can Whiten Your Teeth

teeth whitening strips

To achieve significant color change in the shortest possible time, you can expose your teeth to high-concentration peroxide gel. High-quality teeth whitening gels will be applied by dentists. They will study the characteristics of your teeth. Based on the sensitivity and lifestyle of the user, the most appropriate method will be implemented to overcome the issue.

The trained technician can attend to your needs in a systematic way. While treating your teeth, the gums are protected. The technician will apply paint- on rubber dam. The peroxide will remain on teeth for several minutes and the whitening process will take place efficiently. If you have stubborn stains, you will want to go for second and third sitting as well.

Dentists offer take-home kits which are apt to produce best results in the long run. The concentration of peroxide gel in take-home kits will be low. If the percentage is low, it may remain on teeth safely for a long period of time. Custom-made bleaching trays are used to apply the gel. These trays appear similar to mouth guards.

There are many over-the-counter teeth whitening strips which can be purchased and used as per your needs. You can go for hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide whitening gels. Hydrogen peroxide gels are used for in-office applications. The hydrogen peroxide is a fast-acting and limited solution so that it is applied under the supervision of a qualified professional. Carbamide peroxide-based gels are meant for application at home.

Before venturing into teeth whitening process, you should consult your dentist. The dentist will explain about various methods and the possible results achieved by applying on your teeth. The results vary from one person to another person. The tooth composition and lifestyle will have a great impact in brightening your teeth. You should be educated to follow the best method so that the side effects can be avoided.

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