Kodi Box Australia – Are they Legal?

It has been a bit of a grey area over the last few years when it comes to streaming content on any device however the Kodi box in particular has been targeted as something that can be used for illegal streaming. Now this is quite ignorant and shows very little knowledge of technology in general. A kodi box which is really just a TV box with the android operating system on it is just an android computer and runs on the same versions of androids are your mobile phone or your tablet but your phone or tablet are not deemed to be in any way illegal even though they are the exact same functioning operating system on the device.

If you look for a kodi box in Australia you will see many of suppliers have a disclaimer on their website which is of course a wise thing to do. But then should sellers of android phones and tablets be equally as reposnsible..the same with laptop suppliers? All these devices are capable of streaming content both legally and illegally and the kodi box is no different. Here is a good article on the legality of Kodi that is worth a read as it covers quite a lot of grey areas of the software.

It is important to note that these devices have a huge range of uses including the use of Netflix which is of course a paid legal subscription service, Youtube which plays free content as well as social media and music apps. Kodi is just one app on these devices that can be used and it has put a blemish on these TV boxes for everyone because of it.